Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us at North Valley Dental if you should have any questions or concerns about your dental treatment and overall oral health. The following is a list of most frequently asked questions at our office:

Q: When should my child first see a dentist?

A: The American Dental Association recommends each child’s first dental visit be at one year of age. Check-ups at a young age are necessary to diagnose and prevent future dental complications. We want to work together with parents to manage and promote their children’s oral health.

Q: Why do I need x-rays, and how often should I have them taken?

A: A complete exam includes x-rays and a clinical/visual examination. There is information that is detectable only by x-rays that may not be seen with the naked eye. For a comprehensive exam, the American Dental Association recommends that x-rays be taken once every year.

Q: How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

A: The American Dental Association recommends a cleaning two to four times a year, depending on your dental health history. Your gums and teeth will feel better and youll be freshening your breath as well.

Q: Why do my gums bleed when I brush or floss?

A: Gum tissue bleeds when it is inflamed. This can be a sign of periodontal (gum disease). A combination of plaque, calculus and bacteria will cause this inflammation. Gum recession as well as tooth and bone loss can result from this. To treat this condition, and to maintain good oral health, we recommend regular visits for cleaning and examination.

Q: What are dental implants?

A: Please click on the following link: Dental Implants.

Q: What is a root canal?

A: Please click on the following link: Root Canal.