A filling can replace a small defect in a tooth, but a crown is the most durable, strongest way to restore a tooth with extensive damage. If a tooth is chipped/broken or if it has had a root canal, a crown is the best long term restoration. Additionally, crowns can be used to close spaces between teeth, change the angulation of teeth, correct bite problems, and can be used to replace missing teeth, as part of a bridge.

There are a few types of crowns available:

All porcelain crowns are usually reserved for front teeth in order to achieve the desired esthetics. For restorations of posterior teeth, we usually recommend a porcelain fused to gold crown or a full gold crown due to their ability to withstand high stress from the biting forces.


The tooth to be restored is prepared and contoured. From impressions of this tooth, your crown is carefully crafted in a dental laboratory to fit your tooth precisely. This entire procedure requires two appointments, as there is a second, short appointment to place your crown permanently.

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